Aquabatix underwater specialists Valerie Williams

Valerie Williams

Valerie has over twenty years of synchronized swimming choreography and coaching experience and considered one of Americas leading underwater specialists. As a competitive synchronized swimmer, Valerie found her way into choreography and coaching and qualified a synchronized swimmer to the U.S. National Team. Since then she has focused on promoting the sport through coaching, from novices to elite athletes.

Her athletes placed in finals at Nationals, she was Assistant Coach for the 2016 and 2012 U.S. Junior National Teams. Valerie is now the head coach of Westside Aquatics Synchro in Pacific Palisades. She is a CCP3 Certified coach, Grade Level Assessor, regional judge, and the head coach of a local masters team. Not to mention, she is also a qualified swimming instructor and the lead in our team of underwater specialists.

Based in Los Angeles, Valerie has performed for many private shows and corporate events as a synchronized swimming performer. Valerie co-founded the synchronized swimming performance group Aquateque in Los Angeles, which evolved into Aquabatix USA in 2017. Now the Director of Choreography for Aquabatix USA, Valerie creates shows all over Los Angeles and across America. Not to mention, projects outside America in locations such as Hawaii and The Bahamas.

Production choreography

Regarding on screen productions, Valerie has choreographed several synchronized swimming sequences as well as underwater movement and choreography. Projects such as commercials, music videos, and feature films and has a vast number of years experienced on film sets. Not only as a synchronized swimming performer but as a synchronized swimming choreographer too.

One of her most exciting projects was for the Adele I Drink Wine music video directed by Joe Talbot.

Integrating elite synchronized swimming talent with entertainment in the creative realm, is one area Valerie excels in. Another is the coaching of actors and celebrities in synchronized swimming and regular swimming skills required for filming purposes.

Combining her experience as an athlete and national level coach, Valerie is the top choice for synchronized swimming choreography. In summary, Valerie is the go to for choreography, swimming instruction and underwater movement for entertainment purposes in Los Angeles.

Aquabatix USA founders and underwater specialists

Aquabatix Founders / underwater specialists

Katie Fried & Adele Carlsen

Katie and Adele founded Aquabatix in 2006 creating their very own niche in the entertainment market. Head over to for more details on how they are underwater specialists and the experts on everything synchronized swimming.