Aquabatix USA synchronized swimming news features all the latest BTS from our live water entertainment performances and underwater production work from Los Angeles, Southern California and across the United States.

Find out how we deliver high end water entertainment at client events, from brief and design to the performance, what Aquabatix USA synchronized swimmers get up to BTS on rehearsals and at the events and marvel the beautiful locations and swimming pools that we get to perform in.

We also take you BTS when we are working on productions. Be it shooting a music video, movie, advertising campaign or working with a celebrity, we tell you all about our projects and how we go from the storyboard into the tank or pool and onto the screen, be it a movie theatre or your phone.

Our Hollywood style of glamorous water entertainment is at your fingertips with our synchronized swimming news page, so enjoy the ride!

If you wish to read up on or more of Aquabatix’s adventures from outside the US, click here to read our global synchronized swimming blog. Aquabatix performs synchronized swimming and underwater entertainment globally. You can follow our adventures from London, to mainland Europe, through the Middle East into Asia and Africa too.