Aquabatix synchronized swimming team in video for I Drink Wine by Adele

Synchronized swimming in Hollywood

Are you in search of elite synchronized swimming in Hollywood to elevate your productions and shoots? Look no further! Aquabatix USA is here to fulfil your creative vision. Based in the heart of Los Angeles, Aquabatix USA offers an unmatched level of expertise and precision in the world of synchronized swimming, catering to a diverse range of projects including movies, TV shows, commercials, and music videos.

Why Choose Aquabatix USA synchronized swimmers?

Professional Excellence: Aquabatix USA boasts a team of highly skilled male and female synchronized swimmers who have honed their craft to perfection, including Olympians. With countless hours of training and a deep passion for their art.

Proven Track Record: Aquabatix USA has an impressive portfolio that includes collaborations on high-profile projects such as the Adele “I Drink Wine” music video, the movie “Muppets Most Wanted,” and numerous commercials for renowned brands like “Intel” and “Dollar Shave Club”. Our synchronized swimmers have also appeared in Beyonce’s Black Is King , Justin Bieber’s Beauty and a Beat and Lady GaGa’s G.U.Y. music videos plus the Cohen Brothers classic movie Hail Caesar with Scarlett Johansson. Our synchronized swimmers have showcased their talent in these productions, making them a go-to choice for creative minds in the entertainment industry.

Aquabatix USA underwater artists for productions
Underwater Models: Creating Magic Beneath the Surface

In addition to our exceptional synchronized swimming in Hollywood, Aquabatix USA offers highly experienced male and female underwater models for shoots and productions. The unique advantage of utilizing underwater models is their ability to stay submerged for extended periods, as well as staying in water for a long time without needing constant breaks, while maintaining graceful and captivating movements. They are well-versed in underwater poses and navigating the underwater environment with ease. Whether you need underwater stand-ins or dynamic aquatic scenes, our underwater models have the skills and stamina to make your vision come to life in ways others simply can’t. They also make for excellent speed swimmers, general swimmers and we also over platform and springboard divers for commercials and movies.

Underwater Movement Directors: Masters of Aquatic Choreography

For the most spectacular and finely choreographed synchronized swimming and underwater scenes, Aquabatix USA is proud to provide the industry’s best underwater movement directors, synchronized swimming choreographers and swimming coaches. With extensive experience working with actors, models, athletes, and celebrities, our movement directors have the expertise to create awe-inspiring moments in and underwater that leave a lasting impact. Our swimming coaches will work with your actor to turn them into realistic looking swimmers, such as our experience working on the Netflix movie “The Swimmers” turning two actors into Olympic swimmers, or even coaching them the skills to become mermaids and mermen. Our choreographers all have an elite background in synchronized swimming and will integrate synchronized swimmers into your production, ensuring the perfect blend of artistry and precision.

In summary, when it comes to underwater expertise and synchronized swimming in Hollywood, Aquabatix USA is the top choice. Our synchronized swimming team, underwater models, and movement directors are ready to bring your creative vision to life with unparalleled skill and precision. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve the aquatic magic your project deserves.

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