Aquabatix USA mermaids

Mermaids and Mermen performances

Everybody loves to be entertained and be up close and personal to an entertainment act they have never seen before. There is no better way to create a buzz and an atmosphere of excitement, expectation and a little bit of magic, than putting on a show that will be talked about for years to come.

Aquabatix USA provide mermaids and mermen that are incredible performers and create a mesmerizing event experience for your guests. They can create an ambient atmosphere for a relaxed and sophisticated drinks reception or really get your party started and your guests on their feet with an electrifying and high tempo performance.

Their beautiful tails and mystical make up create a wonderful aesthetic around your poolside making our merfolk the perfect addition for any event held around a swimming pool.

For images and footage of our mystical event entertainment in action please get in contact via