Adele 'I Drink Wine' official music video featuring Aquabatix

Adele ‘I Drink Wine’ official music video featuring Aquabatix USA

The eagerly awaited music video from Adele for ‘I Drink Wine’ has dropped and it features Aquabatix USA. The music video was the first shot for Adele’s highly acclaimed album ’30’, however is the third to be released.

The video for ‘I Drink Wine’ was first shown during a live event ‘Happy Hour with Adele’. At this event the singer was interviewed and answered questions from some of her lucky fans who were especially invited. The event took place in LA but it was also livestreamed around the world. During the interview Adele said about the ‘I Drink Wine’ promo “My favorite music video I’ve ever done”. Adele then spoke about wanting to work with the extremely talented and “cool” Director Joe Talbot. Joe directed the brilliant ‘The Last Black Man In San Francisco’ and won Best Director at Sundance. They met up together in Palm Springs, Joe went away and produced the treatment for ‘I Drink Wine’ which Adele loved.
Joe, M ss ng P eces productions and Whitjack productions then brought in Aquabatix USA. They entrusted us with the whole process for the synchronized swimming and aquatic movement sequences, from consulting, casting and the choreography.
Aquabatix’s own Adele (Carlsen) and Aquabatix USA synchronized swimming choreographer, Valerie Williams consulted with Joe and producer Whitney Jackson to achieve the vision with the aquatic choreography. Valerie then worked through the choreography with the Aquabatix synchronized swimmers and Joe during two days of rehearsals. Acclaimed dance choreographer, Eboni Nichols, worked together with Valerie for the scenes with the Lover, played by Kendrick Sampson.


Valerie describes the synchronized swimming choreography,‘the choreography was based around the artist’s placement within the centre of the circle. With 12 synchronized swimmers, we created two circles. I chose to feature modern, contemporary synchronized swimming choreography instead of traditional water ballet. Thus bringing more of an edge to it and I believe together we co-created an incredible piece.

Spoiler alert!

The Adele I Drink Wine official music video featuring Aquabatix USA starts with a man playing the piano on a bridge. The bridge is over a river with a sunset behind. Adele then comes into shot on a large inflatable ring, holding a glass of wine and starts singing. Adele passes by a couple and then a young child which reflects her childhood. The first sign of the synchronized swimmers is when an arm appears out of the water with a bottle of wine.

The video goes on to show Adele surrounded by the Aquabatix USA synchronized swimming troupe whilst she is singing. Eventually the swimmers move on to remove a man who is flirting with Adele and offer her more wine. The water possibly symbolizing the flow between past, present and future.

Director Joe Talbot said of the Aquabatix synchronized swimming troupe. “(The) team were wonderful to work with, such fun and generous energy, and I really believe that bleeds into what we have captured on screen.”

  •  “You’re so talented and I’m honored to have worked with you all” 
  • “(The) team were wonderful to work with, such fun and generous energy, and I really believe that bleeds into what we have captured on screen.”
    Joe Talbot
    Joe Talbot