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Aquabatix USA

Synchronized Swimming Entertainment

Check out Aquabatix USA featuring in the hugely anticipated music video for Adele’s hit song, ‘I drink Wine’.

Aquabatix USA is Americas leading professional synchronized swimming entertainment company. We create and produce innovative water entertainment for a variety of projects across the US.

Fusing glamour and sport, we have forged our very own aquatic niche within the entertainment industry. Offering a wide range of services means Aquabatix USA is the number one choice for any water based event or project in the US.

Our highly experienced team will work with you to create stunning synchronized swimming entertainment for all occasions. From an intimate party around your private pool to a global brand product launch or an immersive experience. On the production side, our synchronized swimmers are the perfect aquatic professionals. From music videos and Hollywood movies to underwater models for an advertising campaign. Whatever the project, whether it be a live event or a production, Aquabatix USA has got you covered.

Our management team consists of the most innovative and experienced synchronized swimming choreographers in the business. We have a talented team of underwater specialists including underwater movement directors and swimming coaches and trainers.

Aquabatix has won awards for our stunning style of event synchronized swimming entertainment and worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Thus including Chanel, Rolls Royce, Disney, YouTube, Netflix, Omega, Ralph Lauren, Sony, NBS Universal and Soho House. Offering a bespoke service, Olympic level performers and choreographers, Aquabatix USA is your number one choice in water entertainment.

For all your high end water entertainment, contact Aquabatix USA today!

  •  “You’re so talented and I’m honored to have worked with you all” 
  • “(The) team were wonderful to work with, such fun and generous energy, and I really believe that bleeds into what we have captured on screen.”
    Joe Talbot
    Joe Talbot